This is what we stand for

To be able to inspire an audience at events is a high art requiring contemplation, craft, wit, repartee, charm and humour, as well as the ability to tell stories in an exciting and emotional way. These are part of the basic kit of Passionspeakers. Heart and soul, passion and natural talent are on top.

What we do

We know the sports and media scene in Switzerland and abroad and have built up an international network over many years. We love to bring people and companies together and to find the right Keynote Speakers for your perfect event. We focus on the target group, develop a coherent presentation and find the right tone in every second. We do all this quickly, efficiently and flexibly - just as our clients are used to.


We operate on the basis of an open attitude, clear values, including respect and trust.

What we say and promise, we keep.

passionspeakers - Keynote Speaker DNA

Open attitude

We listen intently, we talk to each other and then we work together with towards a common goal. When necessary, we also able to bring our special expertise to bear ensuring you receive the benefit of our many years experience. 😊

Clear words

We say what we mean and mean what we say. We’ve mastered the craft of communicating in a clear, straightforward way.

Respect and trust

We love what we do. Connecting people is in our DNA. We stand by our creative approach with clear values based on respect and trust, leaving plenty of room for passion and joy.


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What do you remember about the last event you attended? The great location? The delicious appetizers? Or the location, the appetizers AND the message of the organizer, which was expertly delivered by the keynote speaker, in a humorous and relatable way? In that case, congratulations - you have been to a top-class event that will remain in your memory for a long time.

You too can be heard and create unforgettable memories with your event! We love to bring people and companies together and with the right mix, to generate emotional and sustainably successful events.

Passionspeakers identify with your occasion, your event, focus on your target group, develop an unforgettable presentation and find the right tone in every situation. We bring together speakers combining the right mix of expertise and excitement. We are fast, academically-accurate, economically-efficient and flexible - as our customers attest.

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