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Ladina Meier-Ruge

Former biathlete
Dissertation on Medical Ethics: Why top-class sport makes sense

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Keynote Speaker Topic Determination, focus and resilience Icon - passionspeakers

Determination, focus and resilience

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Determination, focus and resilience


  • • 12 World Cup starts in the biathlon
  • • Multiple Top 5 rankings in the IBU Cup
  • • Member of the first Swiss women's biathlon relay team in the World Cup
  • • Participated three times in the Junior World Championships


  • • A few weeks after passing her state examination as a medical doctor, Ladina has been working as an assistant doctor at the Hochgebirgsklinik in Davos since November 1.
  • • «Due to my double burden of being a top-class sportsperson and completing medical studies, I quickly had to learn a strategy that enabled me to perform at my best in both areas and also deal with defeats. Resilience is very important to me and I have learned that there are always solutions, even if it sometimes seems impossible. Competitive sport is a school of life. You learn to win, but above all you learn discipline, perseverance and team spirit. I was also able to apply these skills during my medical studies and got to know resilience from a medical perspective.»


With her distinctly Swiss ‘Valais’ accent, Ladina is a charming speaker with an outgoing, authentic personality and holding a broad range of interests. She lives and works in Davos.

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